NETZSCH Future Days 2023

Focus on FT-IR

30 Years Bruker-NETZSCH Cooperation - Evolved Gas Analysis Coupled to Thermal Analysis by Means of Infrared Spectroscopy

The collaboration between Bruker Optics GmbH & CO. KG and NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing started 30 years ago. During this time, the instrument combination developed into a very flexible, high-performance, state-of-the-art coupling. Nowadays, different instrument combinations can cover widespread applications. These techniques enable getting a deep inside into different material classes.  

In this session, we present recent research topics where TG-FT-IR technique helps solve future challenges like the pollution of ecosystems with microplastics, the thermal stability of pharmaceuticals and their potential decomposition products, analyzing toxic gases during a fire event and how fire retardant agents influence these products.

TG-FT-IR Coupling in Environmental Analysis - Microplastics Research at IKK Hannover

Robin Bähre

Dr. Madina Shamsuyeva

Institute for plastics and circular economy (IKK Hannover) 

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The New FT-IR OMEGA 5 Toxicity Test System – an Advanced Gas Analyzer Used for Continuous Measurement of Combustion Gases in Conjunction with TCC 918 Cone Calorimeter

Robert Russow


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New Possibilities in Fire Testing through in Situ Cone Calorimeter – Evolved Gas Analysis Coupling

Florian Tomiak

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Drummer FAU Erlangen

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 Investigation of High-Boiling Organics by TGA-FT-IR 

Dr. Ligia Elena de Souza

NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing

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