NETZSCH Future Days 2022

 Batteries & Insulations

Energy Storage – Batteries and Insulations

October 1789 - Who would have thought that the twitching frog legs observed by Galvani over 200 years ago would eventually lead to devices that can power our computers, smartphones, cars and hopefully soon our homes?  

Batteries have come a long way in the last 230 years, and being the focus of many scientists around the world, it is likely that they will continue to be with us for a very long time.

Today focus is on which batteries will accompany us into the future and which solutions are needed to secure and optimize the development and manufacturing process of batteries. Material characterization to improve the safety and performance of batteries will be discussed along with viscosity for the optimal design of a pump system to transport the slurries for electrode formation. The viscosity function of the battery slurry is relevant for the flow behavior during plate coating or slot dye coating as well as for levelling after coating.

Greater sustainability and optimized energy efficiency can also be achieved through the right insulation. Especially when passing gases or liquids through pipelines, it must be prevented that the generated heat energy is released to the environment. The thermal conductivity (λ) is the fundamental thermo-physical property for the description of stationary heat transfer. It is an essential parameter to classify insulation materials. The efficiency of pipe insulations can be determined by using guarded hot pipe technique.

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