Latest Developments in Modeling & Simulation of Fibers in Filled Systems

Prof. Dr. Tim Osswald, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Polymer Engineering Center

In this talk, Prof. Dr. Tim Osswald will introduce the key factors that affect the flow of fibers and microstructure development, as well as the basics of the underlying models and their implementation into simulation programs.

Professor Osswald teaches polymer processing, designing with polymers and polymer composites processing. Professor Osswald's research in polymer engineering includes modeling and simulation in polymer processing, engineering design with plastics, sustainability and biopolymers. Professor Osswald is co-Director of the Polymer Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is Honorary Professor of Plastics Technology at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany an the National University of Colombia.  Professor Osswald has published over 100 papers, the books Materials Science of Polymers for Engineers (Hanser, 1996, 2003), Polymer Processing Fundamentals (Hanser 1998), Injection Molding Handbook (Hanser, 2001, 2007) Compression Molding (Hanser, 2003), Polymer Processing Modeling and Simulation (Hanser 2006), International Plastics Handbook (Hanser 2006), and Kunststoff Taschenbuch (Hanser 2007). Professor Osswald is also the series editor of Plastics Pocket Power (Hanser, 2001), which currently includes 6 books. Osswald serves as the English Language Editor of The Journal of Plastics Technology, and as an Editor for the Americas of the Journal of Polymer Engineering. Osswald is the 2001 recipient of the VDI-K Dr.-Richard-Escales-Prize.