On the Track of Material Properties

Dr. Carsten Schauerte, Co-Founder & Managing Director, SOLID-CHEM GmbH

To investigate the solid-state properties of a pharmaceutical API, various analytical methods must usually be applied. In this interview, Dr. Carsten Schauerte tells the inside story of a CRO lab and provides insight into the exciting and often challenging work of combining all pieces of the puzzle into a whole.

Dr. Carsten Schauerte is co-founder and managing director of SOLID-CHEM GmbH at the Biomedical Center in Bochum, Germany. He graduated with a degree in Chemistry from the University of Essen, received his doctorate in 2004 and worked as a postdoc at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main.

At SOLID-CHEM GmbH, founded in 2010, the areas of focus include analysis and development methods for crystallizations, polymorphs, salts and co-crystals, as well as amorphous “screenings” and particle identification and characterization. SOLID-CHEM additionally offers a wide range of analytical methods for cross-linked solid-state analysis and established the concept of the solid-state detectives just recently.